For the first project of Thing A Week, I am proud to announce...


McMunchly's Double Dice Snack Pack!


Contained within a single 11-page PDF rulebook is the secret for hours of fun and social fulfillment. Crack out your collection of 6-sided dice, print off your very own McMunchly'sDouble Dice Snack Pack rulebook (or download on the phone/tablet of your choice), gather your friends and family, and go off on the dicecapades of your dreams!

McMunchly's Double Dice Snack Pack Rulebook

The Good

This week went off without a hitch. I did a game a week in the past on this very website, so I knew what to expect. More importantly is that I have a much better sense of what I can accomplish in a week, so I was able to scope appropriately. The idea to make something with dice was an accident, as I was rooting through my game paraphernalia and just happened to start playing with dice. Within 10 minutes the idea for 3 dice games popped into my head. The quickness I could come up with different game concepts that could be tested immediately spurred me to make a medley of small party games, instead of one complex game.

In addition, I reconnected with some friends who helped me playtest. Small dice games are perfect for when friends are over for an unrelated reason because the games take mere minutes to play. I also had a prophetic moment early on: My girlfriend came up with the skeleton of a game that was completely unlike the straightforward gambling stuff I was thinking about. After some conceptual rewriting, that game became Pop Dice, which probably turned out to be the best game of the entire collection. It shifted my thinking around so I started to come up with some truly bizarre, unique game ideas, such as Dice Hockey and Shower Dice.

Making the rulebook was a lot of fun too, as my limited artistic skills led me to making a lot of jokes and levity in the rules themselves, which makes it fun to read.

The Bad

Nothing went wrong, although iWork Pages does not have a booklet template, so I spent a while searching in vain for a decent booklet template online.

The one black sheep of the games is Guessy Dice, which was so half-baked from its conception I didn't even playtest it since I knew how basic it was. In hindsight it may have been worth cutting the less-good games and focusing on the one or two best games specifically, although in this case there was no detriment to any particular game. I'm totally happy with the 8-game medley and it works well for dice, but I certainly won't be doing the multi-pack idea regularly.

The Lesson

I've already learned this lesson many times, but this week was more proof that bigger isn't always better. One of the first games I ever made was a dice game. It was super complicated, took 2 weeks to make, and the final result was mediocre at best. Every game in this medley, even the half-assed ones, turned out better than that game with minutes of playtesting.