it's valentines week, so what better theme than something with candy and/or love?


Candy Hearts


Candy Hearts is an intimacy game, where 2 players attempt to steal all of their opponent's candy hearts. It's played with nothing more than a package of Sweethearts candies.

Candy Hearts Rulebook



The Good

After week 5's Gridiron, which I thought turned out pretty well, I've been looking more towards the calendar for inspiration. This week was Valentine's Day so I figured that would be a good place to start. For whatever reason I decided that it would be fun to explore the heart shaped candies with lovey-dovey phrases written on them. I didn't have a specific game idea, just the idea to use candy hearts.

I had always wanted it to be a game that not only involves candy hearts but also the idea of the phrases, using them somehow in the game, not just as words, but with the meaning of the phrases intact. This didn't really work out but I managed to at least make use of the phrases like 'Kiss me', 'Hug me', etc to put real, physical contact into the game. I also realized that the rule themselves were not all that important, and less complex may be better for this kind of intimacy game.

Lastly, I figured that a game with candy should somehow involve eating the candy, which turned out to click into place well, because forcing players to eat their candy prevented the game from being an infinite loop of players constantly trading candy back and forth.

The Bad

I posited this plan for a candy heart game on facebook and a friend of mine suggested a Whose Line style improv game or something. I initially had been thinking about something like that and wanted to do something similar, but I could never formulate a game in my head where that worked out. The phrases are simply too limiting for a real game with structured rules.

The result I came out with (which is the current rulebook) is short and sweet, but not particularly good. It's a start I suppose. Once again, I didn't do much until the weekend started, so more time with iteration didn't happen much. In this case this was partially because I know exactly the game I'm doing next week, and I'm much more excited about it, so this game turned into a phone-it-in-and-get-it-out-the-door-so-you-can-say-you-technically-made-a-game-this-week affair. Not my proudest result to be sure.

The Lesson

Not all game types need perfect balance and depth. A game that gets players to make out and eat candy hearts is better for Valentine's Day thing than a complex strategy game. In fact, I'm coining the phrase 'Intimacy Game' as a new genre. FlingleTwister, and Candy Hearts could be considered examples of this new, hip genre which will surely take the world by storm.