Didn't make a new game, so I remade a rulebook instead.


Palm Solitaire


Palm Solitaire is not a new game. It's a redux for a card game I made previously, and in fact contains no major gameplay changes. This is more like a redoing of the rulebook to look nicer and be easier to read.

Palm Solitaire Rulebook



The Good

I was busy this week and tired this weekend, so at least I technically released something. It's even proven to be useful to me, since this rulebook is a base template i've been using for all other rulebooks.

The Bad

I completely failed to make anything this week. I even did the brunt of updating the rulebook previously, doing only a handful of reformatting today.

The Lesson

I have to get back into a schedule of spacing the work out instead of pushing this challenge back, otherwise give up this thing a week exercise. There is no real benefit if I'm not creating and testing new things.