Herein is contained a sampling of some of my best writing:



Fifty Shades of Red and Blue: An article examining Pokemon's extending design trends


Short Stories

An Astonishing Meeting: A Retired Superhero's trip for coffee leads to An Astonishing Meeting!

The Big Heist: A crew of small time criminals learn the importance of proper handwriting

Flawless Escape: A parable of sorts about Murphy's law

Mistrust: Two criminals who can't stand each other are forced to team up to reclaim their booty


Short Scripts

Self-Checkout: A script for a Beavis and Butt-head episode where the duo encounters an automated grocery store checkout

 Apokalypse: The script for a short film of a melancholic experience of a squad of marines in Vietnam


Mythopoeia Tales

These stories take place in my fantasy world called Oa. In this world magic is conjured through aether and remains of massive, monsters called superbeats form geological features.

I have one single rule I follow when developing lore: No elves in trees and no dwarves in caves


Frosc: Details the Frosc, a race of sentient humanoid-frog creatures

Koho: Details the Koho, a race of sentient humanoid-cat creatures

Piho: Details the Piho, a race of sentient humanoid-kangaroo creatures

MakiAndTheFrog: A Human and a humanoid-frog creature make first contact

Reminisce: A group of retired burglars attempt one last heist of an impenetrable castle